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How to buy premium domain names

Anyone can purchase a domain online by searching for the desired name on various Registrars (such as GoDaddy, Namecheap, Dynadot, and many others). Soon, you'll realize that all the most effective and interesting names are either already reserved or available at a significantly higher price than a generic domain.

This is normal, given the millions of websites online, and the domain name is among the most crucial factors for the success of a website, e-commerce platform, or blog. There is intense competition to acquire the best names. What to do? Below, we outline the most common scenarios and how to proceed.

'Taken' and 'Make Offer' Domain Names

The domain is already taken, and on the registrar's site, you find an indication like 'taken' or similar, sometimes accompanied by a 'make offer' button instead of the typical 'add to cart' icon or text.

This can mean two things: the domain is already in use, or it belongs to someone willing to sell it for a defined or negotiable amount. In these cases, some common sense is needed.

Through a little research, you can determine whether it's worth making an offer. For example, if you search for '' on, and it says the domain is 'taken' with a 'make offer' button, it's practically useless to proceed because Microsoft is highly unlikely to sell its own domain name.

In other cases, it's worth making an offer, especially when typing the desired domain into the browser presents a blank page, a page full of ads, or an underdeveloped site with outdated content.

This usually indicates that the current owner has likely developed their site using another domain name but owns the domain you are looking for and may be willing to sell it.

On our site, you'll find many domains listed as 'make offer,' but in this case, there is no further research to be done; the site is definitely for sale. By making an offer to the owner, you can acquire it, and the price, once negotiated, will be updated on registrars and marketplaces of your choice, allowing you to purchase it immediately.


The domain is available, and you can add it to the cart at the price indicated by the registrar or purchase it on a domain marketplace (such as,, For the same domain, you might find different prices online because marketplaces and registrars apply different fees. For instance, if a domain is registered on, purchasing it there might be more advantageous than buying it on GoDaddy or a marketplace (generally saving between 10% and 20%).

When you see the 'Buy Now' button on our site, it means the domain is immediately available for purchase at the indicated price (plus VAT if applicable). Just click the button to be directed to the marketplace or registrar's site where we found the best price. (On our site, there's also the option to contact the seller directly if you need more information before the purchase or want to make your offer)

Unreachable Domains

A third, rarer scenario is a domain marked as 'taken' on registrar sites, with no 'Make Offer' or 'Contact the Seller' option available. Additionally, typing the domain into the browser returns a blank page, with no contact form or ways to reach the owner. In this case, you need to use a Whois service, a rather complicated operation, to find the owner of the domain and try to contact them through the service provider where the domain is currently hosted. If you're interested in a domain in this state, contact us, and we can reach out to the owner on your behalf and check if they are willing to sell the domain.

Domain Transfer Times

The transfer times are generally a matter of hours, slightly longer (1 to 3 days) when transferring the domain from the current registrar to a new one because this operation involves some technical steps. For example, if a domain is hosted by GoDaddy, and you already own or open a free GoDaddy account to manage the newly purchased domain, you can configure it within a few minutes to a maximum of a few hours and have your site online.

If, for any reason, you choose not to retain the name with the current registrar and opt to move it to another registrar, such as, some steps will be necessary. These steps will be handled by the specialists of the site where you decide to purchase the domain name.

Let's look at some common scenarios:

1) Purchasing "" on

Dan informs you that the name is registered on GoDaddy, but you want the name to be moved to The specialists at Dan will contact GoDaddy to obtain authorization for the domain transfer to Once authorization is granted, the name will be transferred to the account you specified on Only when this process is complete will the payment you made be transferred to the seller, concluding the process. In case the transfer, for any reason, fails, will refund the amount paid for the domain, explaining the reasons that prevented the transfer.

2) Purchasing "" on GoDaddy

The name is registered on, and you either have a GoDaddy account or have no problem opening a free account to manage the domain. After making the payment, the domain is immediately moved to your account and can be configured right away.

3) Purchasing "" on the marketplace

The name is registered on GoDaddy, and you have a GoDaddy account or are willing to open a free GoDaddy account for domain management. The specialists at contact GoDaddy and request the transfer of the name from the current account to your account. As it's a transfer between accounts of the same registrar, the operation generally takes a few hours before you can configure the newly purchased domain. Payment will only be released to the seller when the name is effectively available in your account.

60 Days Locks

When a domain is just purchased or transferred to another registrar, the authority managing domain names has determined that they cannot be moved before 60 days. When a domain you want to purchase is in this state, you have three options:

A) Open an account at the current registrar to start using the domain immediately.

B) Open an account at the current registrar to use the domain immediately, transferring it to another registrar after the lock period.

C) Buy the domain to avoid it's sold to someone else, then wait until the domain is available for a the transfer. (We always recommend opening a free account on the registrar where the domain is currently registered, if there are more than 7 days remaining until the removal of the 60-day lock. This allows you to manage and configure the domain immediately. The newly created account can be easily closed once the domain is transferred, without any additional cost)

Lock Examples and Use Cases

You want to purchase "" and the name was transferred 30 days ago from Spaceship to Namecheap by the current owner. If you have no issues opening a free Namecheap account to manage the domain you want to purchase, you can acquire and configure the domain immediately.

B) You want to purchase "" and the name was transferred 30 days ago from Spaceship to Namecheap by the current owner.

You are willing to open a free Namecheap account to manage the domain, but you intend to transfer it to Bluehost as soon as possible the lock expires. You can configure it on Namecheap right away, and after 30 days move it to Bluehost.

C) You want to purchase "," and the name was transferred 30 days ago from Spaceship to Namecheap by the current owner. You want it to be transferred to Bluehost and you're not willing to open a free Namecheap account. You can still purchase the domain name to reserve it, but the transfer to your Bluehost account will only occur after 30 days when the 60 days lock is inactive.

As in all other cases, payment to the seller will only be released when the domain is under your control, meaning transferred to your Bluehost account.

Where is it best to buy?

Premium domain names are available on all major international registrars and marketplaces, and probably also on the registrar or hosting service you already use.

Typically, users buy where the price is more advantageous, but there are other variables to consider.

Specialized marketplaces (Aftenic \ Dan \ Sedo) offer dedicated assistance, focusing solely on the purchase and sale of premium domains, guiding the buyer step by step and negotiating with the seller on behalf of the buyer (this allows the buyer to remain anonymous, not disclosing to the seller the specific individual, entity, or business interested in purchasing the domain) There are also domains with very high value, where negotiating the price requires the expertise of a broker to get the best deal.

If you haven't found the answers to your questions in this article, please contact us, specifying the domain name you wish to buy and any requirements. One of our specialists will analyze the name you want to acquire and inform you of the most convenient place to purchase it, evaluating factors such as price, the current registrar, and your specific needs

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